November 2019:
ARID earned California Air Resources Board (CARB) EVR Certification with Executive Orders VR-201-Z and VR-202-Z.

February 2017:
Costco Wholesale started-up the PERMEATOR at the Taoyuan (Taipei area), Taiwan site - making it the 5th PERMEATOR site within Taiwan.

August 2016:
ARID exhibited at the ONS (Offshore Northern Seas) Conference in Stavanger, Norway from August 29th to September 1, 2016.

June 2016:
ARID exhibited at the UNITI Expo in Stuttgart, Germany from June 14-16, 2016.

Installed 5 test units in California in order to solve vapor overpressure problems with certified EVR systems. Cooperated with Veeder-Root to ensure compatibility of their ISD system with ARID's PERMEATOR.

December 2014:
Using ARIDAS (ARID Data Acquisition System) to remotely monitor tank pressure and vapor emissions from a gas station site in the Southwestern USA; this ARIDAS system uses cellular modem for communication to ARID Headquarters.

June 2014:
ARID exhibited at the inaugural UNITI Expo Tradeshow in Stuttgart, Germany, June 3-5, 2014, pertaining to the retail petroleum industry.

September 2013:
Ted Tiberi presented at the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) in Washington, DC on September 12, 2013. OTC/MANE -VU Fall Committee Meeting Septmber 12, 2013, ARID Technologies Stakeholder Comments.

May 2013:
ARID exhibited at the XX International Fair Petrol Station Tradeshow in Warsaw, Poland, on May 8-10, 2013.

April 2013:
Luke Howard presented at the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) in Washington, DC on April 4, 2013. OTC Committee Meeting April 4, 2013 - Stakeholder Comments, ARID Technologies.

March 2013:
Ted Tiberi spoke at 15th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show by National Institute for Storage Tank Management (NISTM) March 13-15, 2013 in Orlando, FL.

September 2012:
ARID Technologies earned 2nd Runner-Up Award in the 2012 Brinks Midwest Clean Tech Innovation Competition.

September 2012:
ARID exhibited and earned admission into the International Automechanika's Green Directory in Frankfurt, Germany.

May 2012:
ARID commissioned the first PERMEATOR in Taipei, Taiwan

May 2012:
ARID developed internet connectivity for ARIDAS vapor monitoring system.

March 2012:
ARID exhibited in the Service Station, Shop and CarWash show in Brussels, Belgium.

November 2011:
ARID is granted U.S. Patent 8,060,335B2 on "Method and System for Liquid and Vapor Leak Detection."

October 2011:
ARID installs first Permeator in Wisconsin, USA. The unit was installed in the Milwaukee area at a Costco facility.

October 2011:
During PEI/NACS Trade Show, ARID organizes inaugural cycle tour along Chicago's Lake Michigan Bike Path.

May 2011:
ARID attends and participates in erpec 11 session held in Barcelona, Spain.

April 2011:
ARID Clean Air Cycle Team again participates in MS 150 fundraising event, cycling from Houston, Texas to Austin, Texas.

February 2011:
exhibits at IFFE; Birmingham, UK.

January 2011:
ARID installs first Permeator in Massachusetts, USA. The unit is installed in the Boston area at a Costco facility.

December 2010:
ARID asked to participate in MESLA Meeting (Midwest Energy and Sustainability Leadership Alliance), group formed by Deloitte and Northwestern University. MESLA's mission is to strengthen the members of the Alliance and other interested parties in the areas of energy and sustainability, via communication and collaboration, and to establish the Midwest as a center for green business practices, innovation and investment, with the goal of revitalizing the Midwest Region and the organizations located here.

December 2010:
ARID attends NY State DEC Meeting in Albany, NY regarding Stage II/ORVR interaction and optimum route for emissions reductions.

October 2010:
ARID installs first Permeator units in Illinois, USA; all the units are installed at Costco sites in the Chicago area.

October 2010:
ARID Permeator installed in 1st Municipal Refueling Facility, City of Denton, Denton, Texas.

September 2010:
- ARID exhibits at Automechanika, Frankfurt, Germany.

August 2010:
ARID visits Asian sites to install ARIDAS data logger for collection of evaporative loss data.

April 2010:
ARID Clean Air Cycle Team is formed and participates in inaugural ride, MS 150 fundraising event, cycling from Houston, Texas, to Austin, Texas.

February 2010:
ARID asked to participate in ISEN Meeting; Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern University.

December 2009:
ARID completes vent line and fugitive emissions study at a high volume Stage II vacuum assisted equipped fueling station located in Federal Way, Washington. The results of this study can be found here. This pioneering work accurately measures the large evaporative and fugitive losses at a gasoline dispensing facility. In addition, the fugitive losses are quantified as a function of storage tank pressure.

November 2009:
installs first unit in New York State at Sunoco, Jefferson Valley, New York.

September 2009:
ARID earns their first Permeator installation in the State of Colorado; Colorado Springs, CO; Costco. Interestingly, Costco installed Stage II vapor recovery at this site proactively and voluntarily as Colorado does not require Stage II vapor recovery as an ozone or VOC mitigation measure.

November 2009:
ARID earns their first PERMEATOR installation in the State of New York; Jefferson Valley, NY; Sunoco.

November 2009:
ARID exhibits at 2nd UK petroleum tradeshow, APEA.

April 2009:
ARID earns their first Permeator installation in the State of Oregon; Wilsonville, Oregon; Costco.

March 2009:
Murphy Oil installs their first Permeator in a canopy mount configuration in Humble, Texas.

February 2009:
Sovereign Consulting published ''Annual Site Status Update Report" from Shell gasoline site (Motiva Enterprises) located in Nashua, NH (NHDES Site # 198705008). After the March 2006 PERMEATOR installation at this site, groundwater contamination levels consistently declined while reducing the average storage tank pressure by a factor of ten (Project #EQ790). To view report, please click here.

February 2009:
ARID exhibits at first UK petroleum tradeshow, IFFE.

January 2009:
ARID has used the PERMEATOR membrane technology to retrofit existing Carbon Adsorption units at a Petro-Diamond bulk terminal in Long Beach, CA. The cargo truck loading rates were increased while at the same time, the emission factor was reduced from .08 lbm/1,000 gallons loaded to .0015 lbm/1,000 gallons loaded. After ARID's CRU (Carbon Retrofit unit) installation, Petro-Diamond was able to go from 4 simultaneously operated cargo loading arms to 9 loading arms - thereby doubling throughput.

July 2008:
ARID completed 12 month emission study on a Circle K site in Tempe, AZ. The study used ARID's Data Acquisition equipment in conjunction with a totalizing flow-meter to show that the storage tank pressure exceeded the cracking pressure of the P/V (Pressure Vacuum) valves more than 90% of the time during the one year interval. Therefore, the storage tanks emitted hydrocarbon vapors into the atmosphere more than 90% of the time. In addition, the data showed the evaporative loss rate agreed with the loss rate predicted by ARID's Evaporative Loss Model (ELM).

June 2008:
ARID quoted in "Vapor Recovery Update" article that appeared in the May/June issue of NPN (National Petroleum News). The article addressed gasoline storage tank evaporative emissions and the economics of vapor containment systems as well as the environmental impact of emitted vapors containing VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and HAP's (Hazardous Air Pollutants).

May 2008:
ARID installs first PERMEATOR in the country of Italy at Erg Petroli, Spa. The unit is located at Erg's "Green Gas Station" in Bologna, Italy.

November 2007:
ARID exhibited in Beijing at the "2007 China International Exhibition for Gas Station Equipment & New Technologies and Non-Fuel Operations."

August 2007:
Unsolicited letter to the editor of NPN Magazine (monthly publication source for Petroleum and Convenience Marketers) from WAWA pointed out that ARID was overlooked in the June 2007 issue reviewing vapor recovery systems and vapor processing units.

April 2007:
Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) approved use of PERMEATOR in state of Washington.

October 2006:
ARID's PERMEATOR system earns CARB (California Air Resources Board) Executive Order Certification 6-70-209

June 2006:
HEB (H. E. Butt Grocery Company) announces rollout of PERMEATOR systems to be installed at all Houston area sites to satisfy ORVR Compatibility requirements within Texas.

March 2006:
ARID Technologies supplies Remote Data Acquisition equipment for research project conducted by University of New Hampshire in conjunction with New Hampshire DES (Department of Environmental Services). The study focused on storage tank pressure profiles from seven Cumberland Farms refueling sites located in Nashua, Merrimack, Hooksett, Newington, Rollinsford, and Rochester, NH.

2006 through February:
ARID Technologies, Inc. today announced that the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) certified on January 23, 2006, that ARID Technologies' PERMEATOR gasoline vapor containment system achieves compliance with the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR, and it can be utilized on both new and existing gasoline storage systems within Maryland. The state was "pleased with the test results and emission and tank pressure reductions using the PERMEATOR system."

December 2004:
US Patent 6,836,732 B2 issued to ARID entitled, "Enhanced Vapor Containment and Monitoring"

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) approved ARID's patented PERMEATOR System for ORVR Compatibility. All Stage II vapor recovery systems installed on refueling stations located within the Texas counties of: Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, Waller, Hardin, Jefferson, Orange, El Paso, Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant must be ORVR Compatible according to the following schedule:

Independent, third-party field test confirmed the predicted evaporative losses and determined that the PERMEATOR reduced these emissions by 99.27%.

Various state EPA organizations determined that the PERMEATOR reduced MTBE contamination in groundwater by lowering the fugitive underground vapor emissions.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) asked Ted Tiberi from ARID Technologies to present at the September 20, 2004, Public Meeting held at the USEPA headquarters at the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) utilized data from two of ARID Technologies' field locations to help gain an increased understanding of the excess VOC emissions factor from the incompatibility of vacuum assist Stage II VRS with ORVR-equipped vehicles.

Maryland EPA invited ARID Technologies to present to a special forum regarding the dynamic, gasoline evaporative process from storage tanks.

Nevada EPA invited ARID Technologies to present to the public forum regarding the dynamic, gasoline evaporative process from storage tanks.

January-December 2003:
ARID's summary data from Grass Valley Chevron demonstration site shows average fuel savings of 1,000 gallons per month. Maintenance performed after registering a cumulative run time of 3,672 hours equals 0 hours. Again, the Evaporative Loss Model is verified, as ARID's estimates of 0.3% savings on average monthly throughput of 330,000 gallons are accurately confirmed. Note, test site hosts (Grass Valley Chevron personnel) independently reported the savings figures based on their own analysis of inventory variation before and after installation of PERMEATOR. For additional information, please reference "Domestic Activities" on ARID's web site.

January - December 2003:
ARID establishes non-traditional distribution channels and sells and installs more than 60 PERMEATOR units throughout Asia to innovative petroleum marketers. Driving force for system installations is economics coupled with internal "Green" initiatives of the petroleum marketers since no formal regulations exist in these countries for minimizing gasoline storage tank evaporative losses.

December 2002:
ARID installs a PERMEATOR at Grass Valley Chevron, Grass Valley, CA, as part of CARB certification efforts. This site utilizes Dresser-Wayne dispensers and Husky nozzles as hardware comprising the Stage II vacuum assist vapor recovery system.

April 2002:
ARID receives a purchase order from BP to supply multiple Aridas units and monthly data reports as part of bp's internal data gathering initiative.

March 2002:
ARID develops the Aridas unit (ARID data acquisition system). This stand-alone system is mounted on storage tank vent lines and is used to measure, remotely monitor and data log critical refueling station parameters such as combined storage tank ullage pressure, atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature.

March 2000:
Internal BP study documents measured PERMEATOR hydrocarbon recovery efficiency of 99.8% and troublefree operation for over 1.5 years for the Warrenville, Illinois unit.

October 1998:
Amoco (now BP) purchases and installs a commercial PERMEATOR system for their refueling facility located in Warrenville, Illinois, USA.

June 1996:
ARID participates in the Safety, Compatibility and Emissions Subcommittee meetings established as part of the ORVR/Phase II workgroup organized by CARB.

April 1996:
ARID finalizes proprietary Evaporative Loss Model, ELM. This model is used to predict storage tank evaporative loss magnitude as a function of fuel temperature, RVP and storage tank air ingestion volume. (ELM model is subsequently verified to predict evaporative loss figures within 1% to 3 % of actual, measured figures. Please reference, "Membranes, Molecules and the Science of Permeation", Ted Tiberi, Petroleum Equipment & Technology, April 1999.)

January 1996:
ARID conducts second field test at Ultramar station in San Diego, CA. More extensive data proves that PERMEATOR is a commercially viable solution to anticipated future improvements sought by CARB.

November 1995:
Field tests conducted by California Air Resources Board (CARB) indicate that refueling of On-Board Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) vehicles at service stations equipped with Stage II vacuum-assisted systems will lead to increased storage tank evaporative emissions.

February 1995:
ARID conducts first field test of PERMEATOR system at an Ultramar refueling station located on Morena Boulevard in San Diego, CA. This test proves the technical concept of using ARID membranes to separate air and gasoline vapor mixtures.

November 1994:
US Patent issued and assigned to ARID Technologies, Inc., 5,367,882, "Gasoline Vapor Recovery."

September 1993:
ARID Technologies, Inc. incorporated by Founder and President Ted Tiberi.

22 June 1993:
US Patent issued to Tiberi et al, 5,220,799, "Gasoline Vapor Recovery."