Next time you fill up or top off, be sure to look for a PERMEATOR at your local gas station.

The PERMEATOR is typically located at the base of the vertical storage tank vent pipes -- these pipes are 2 or 3 inches in diameter and about 12 feet high. A station with a PERMEATOR will guarantee you a clean and safe refueling environment. Protect yourself, your family and the environment from harmful pollutants. At the same time, you can feel confident in receiving high quality fuel, which has not been evaporated nor depleted of key ingredients (You may find that your car runs smoother and/or gets better mileage per gallon). By helping to clean the air, you can make a positive, individual contribution to your local community without incurring any additional cost. You might even be saving money if your local station offers fuel at a discount as a way of sharing their PERMEATOR fuel savings benefits with you. Clean the Air and Save Money...with gas stations using PERMEATOR.