ARID Earns California Air Resources Board (CARB) EVR Certification

November 2019 – ARID Earns California Air Resources Board (CARB) EVR Certification with Executive Orders VR-201-Z and VR-202-Z. This approval allows California Gasoline Dispensing Facilities to remove alarm prone and undersized Healy CAS systems and replace with ARID Permeator AT-150. ARID passed a series of rigorous tests, including a “challenge mode” test which required Permeator to handle a vapor stream of over 70% HC concentration at a nominal volumetric flow rate of 350 gallons per hour.

Please refer to ARID’s Executive order for VR-202-Z for more details.

ARID has been rolling out Permeator systems in California since early 2020, and all pressure related ISD alarms have been silenced at sites using our gear.

California Vent Line Configuration, showing PERMEATOR Inlet, Rich Vapor Return and Clean Air Exhaust

California PERMEATOR Installation, showing additional views of piping

PERMEATOR Control Panel mounted inside the gas station “kiosk”; note the connection on the lower right side for internet