Key Innovations

  1. A unique and patented membrane separation film
  2. A special membrane separation module that is highly effective in removing contaminants.
  3. An effective means to monitor and control storage tank pressure

Feature Benefits
Low initial cost. Less than 1-2% of typical outlet construction costs. Similar cost as new Multiple product dispenser (MPD). High return on investment (15-95%) and short pay back period depending on site-specific factors.
  1. High hydrocarbon vapor recovery efficiency (>99%) without wasting natural resources or generating secondary air pollution.
  2. Allows vacuum-assisted systems to operate with higher (V/L) ratios and to achieve higher collection efficiencies at the nozzle/automobile interfaces.
Environmentally Friendly technology exceeds current federal, state, and local emission requirements. Provides consumer and environmental protection, while at the same time recovering salable product.
  1. Retrofits any type of Stage II ''front-end'' vapor recovery system.
  2. Remote Data Acquisition System and Data Logger records operating parameters and allows for the calculation of saved product volumes while simultaneously providing notification of PERMEATOR and storage tank system anomalies.
Can be installed in any existing refueling facility:
  1. Allows uncontrolled dispensing facilities to avoid large evaporative losses as storage tanks ingest air from vent lines.
  2. Allows dispensing facilities using balance or vacuum assisted systems to avoid large evaporative losses as the ORVR vehicle population increases.
Unique membrane technology that selectively recovers toxic compounds such as benzene, toluene and MTBE. Membrane vapor recovery eliminates evaporative losses of VOC's and hazardous air pollutants (HAP''s) by converting them into usable product.
Elegant, compact, durable design. Easy installation with little or no excavation.
Safe solution for variable vapor concentrations generated by ORVR equipment on new cars.* Eliminates the potential for increased vapor emissions as the population of ORVR vehicles dramatically increases over the next 10 years.
  1. Simple operation since membrane module has no moving parts. Expected life cycle of membrane is 15-20 years with minimal maintenance cost.
  2. Warranty: three year parts and labor
  3. Energy efficient -- no phase changes are involved in the separation because all streams enter and exit the system in the vapor phase.
Very low operating costs. $25-$60/month

Reduces hydrocarbon contamination in ground water by lowering the fugitive underground vapor emissions.

*In contrast, thermal destruction systems will require supplemental fuels to maintain combustion as inlet hydrocarbon concentrations vary widely. Supplemental fuels will be derived from stored liquid gasoline and/or compressed hydrocarbon gases, the use of each will create safety hazards and increased operating costs.