Tim Hurlocker


Costco, Pembroke Pines, Florida

''I am the Director of Gasoline Operations for Costco Wholesale. We have been involved in the development of gas station membrane processors
for many years and have a number of them installed around the country.

A couple years ago we installed an ARID PERMEATOR membrane processor in Lantana, Florida, working in conjunction with the State of Florida, Palm Beach County, and the federal EPA. Since that successful test, we've installed PERMEATORs at several other locations around the country, including Florida, Texas, Washington and Nevada. We just completed the installation of ten PERMEATORs in Texas to comply with their ORVR-compatibility mandate. Each of these states has officially approved the PERMEATOR for use in meeting air pollution control requirements.

Our experience has shown conclusively that the ARID PERMEATOR is far more reliable than competitive alternatives. The PERMEATOR has the capacity to control storage tank overpressurization at Costco's large, high volume locations.''